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Her Lion: Scarlet
Avery still could not believe her brazenness.
It had started out simple and innocent enough. In order to help her get over her initial fear of Cullen, she thought it wise to get to know him a little better, and so she had approached him on the sparring ground while he oversaw the soldiers and new recruits. The conversation had started off normal enough. Avery had asked Cullen about his family as well as his experience as a Templar. She had even begun relaxing a bit when it became clear that the former Templar had no interest or intention whatsoever in handing her over to his former brethren.
Perhaps that had been Avery’s downfall. In fact, now as she sat upon the edge of her bed and slowly brushed out her long, scarlet locks, she was sure of it. She had become relaxed, and when Cullen spoke about the Vigil that occurred before a Templar took his or her final vows, she had not been able to stop herself from asking if celibacy was included within those vows.
The awkwardness that ha
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Something to Discuss
Title: Something to Discuss
Author: blustersquall
Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
characters/pairing: Commander x Nevena Trevelyan
Disclaimer: Dragon Age: Inquisition is the property of Bioware, as is Cullen and any other characters mentioned within this piece. Nevena Trevelyan is my creation, under the Dragon Age: Inquisition player character, Trevelyan.
She had been pacing the bridge between Skyholds main keep and the Commander’s tower for the best part of an hour. Walking the same pathway back and forth waiting for his office to empty out and for a moment where they could talk in private.
The Commander was always thorough in his debriefings, it was just one of the many qualities Nevena admired about him. He made sure his scouts and his high ranking soldiers knew what they were doing. That there could be no question of the tasks they had been given. In turn meant they could properly feed the information down into their own ranks and squads without there being a misunderstand
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Late Night In the Study

Lisbeth padded into the study, the one that she claimed for herself and any advisors that she happened to be working with. Like this evening, her and Cullen poured over books and scrolls, making notes of the tears compared to the Darkspawn sightings. Night had settled deeply over Skyhold and she enjoyed the quiet of late night/early morning hours. The Fade Mark was quiet and didn't glow but it didn't stop her from flexing her left hand. Picking up a tinderbox, Lisbeth brought out a match and struck it against the flint, brining an immediate spark and light. The latest invention to light fires was becoming the latest wonder throughout the stronghold. Lighting the still usable candles on the table, Lisbeth smiled as she noted one of Cullen's gauntlets, his dagger and boots, laying on the table or floor. The two empty cups still sat where they had hours earlier. Working with the Commander was a joy, as they often talked about history and politics. If s
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Hi everyone :D

I just posted all 3 parts to a one shot I wrote about one of my favorite Templars Cullen.  This journal is to let you know I'm still working on Unexpected and will be a posting chapter 7 within the next week or so!  Sorry it's taking me so long.  As I said in my last journal I am committed to finishing Unexpected!  I have a rough outline of everything that will happen all the way to the end, it's just a matter of getting it written and edited!

Hope you're having a great day :D
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blubaloooo Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015
I agree!! he's not very demonstrative, is he? But, even so, he's so charming la in love
Thank you again for you kindness, dear! 
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